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Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbalism, Exercise and Seminars.

Natural Health.



It is with pleasure that i invite you into these pages to learn more about what we do to help people such as yourself.

There are many aspects to what we do but it is all underpinned by a philosophy and methodology of healing.

Our Services include treatments at our clinic, Seminars where we teach important aspects to health for the body and mind and practical development of intuition for not only unlocking health but also unlcoking life force in your entire life directions, We also have online health consulting for people who cannot access this treatment at our clinic. We have a blog to help people get experience with the types of things that we do and the resutls that it can bring them. Our exercises of the body mind and spirt we give are for recovering, rehabilitating but also further developing the persons future. 

We want people to enjoy a deep and satisfying and meaningful life. It is much more difficult to enjoy life when you feel flat. It is harder to be what you could be when you dont feel well. So we do our utomst to unclock peoples healing to the fullest level possible. To bring them more healthy energy that brings healthy ideas flowing to them. To give them a feeling of confidence in the endeavers they have in their life.

We have an online shop for items that aid you in your uncovering of your health and reconnecting you to the genius that lies within you and flows through you.

We also have a membership area where people can connect to important teachings, to do with exercises and guided meditations/ visualisations/ hypnotherapy sessions. Where we focus on thoughts and feeling that are healthy and vibrant but where we do not hide from the lower side of life.


The methods I primarily use are :

        1. Chiropractic- as it was originally discovered Chiropractic entails using the hands to release impediments to the healthy flow of nerve energy. That nerve energy is what relays your brain and innate genious to the functioning and integration of the organs and glands and body parts. It is interesting to me that the first ever Chiropractor prior to discovering Chiropractic was a magnetic healer. He used the magnetic energy field of his hands to impact peoples health for the better. However he discovered that there can be physical blocks to that energy flow. Those physical blocks or irritations usually occur at the many joints of the body however can also occur in the muscles and tendons and fascia and ligaments. The art of Chiropractic is aimed at stimulating certain points in the right direction at the right time to reintegrate the body electrical or energetic flow for healing thus releasing the innate intelligence of you to work throughout your body for healthy functioning and healing- but there is more it also puts the innate intelligence in "flow" or more fully connected to the universal intelligence- an overlaying intelligence that all living things are "plugged" into and guided by This universal intelligence also flows through inaminate objects but in a different way. In simple concept sort of like rebooting a computer that is not quite functioning properly but much more detailed than that reintegrating it with not only the world wide web but the universal web. But with the human computer it is an elaborate reboot requiring many years of training and vast experience to learn how to do properly.

The Chiropractic adjustment to the nerve energy system must be done in the right timing and in the right way in the right attitude and the patient must allow the adjustment to take place-  to receive the movement in their system that occurs. This is in itself an art that the patient must be instructed upon. To not resist the change that occurs. To comply with the right timing of each adjustment done to the body in the right sequence. The results can be impressive.

 nervous system1

2. I combine this with the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

  - even if you do not have needles i still use the pressure points. The acupuncturist believes in a system of magnetic field lines that flow through the body and influence health and well-being and healing. By stimulating these points in the correct way the traditional acupuncturist enhances the flow of your vital energy (called Chi) to the parts of your body or brain needing it. So again it also is like a system reboot but a very sophisticated one. Its philosophy is very complimentary to Chiropractics philosophy.


Both of these systems acknowledge an inner intelligence in the patients body and also they acknowledge that the patient is a part of nature and so must have this connection in harmony but also that the patient is a part of super-nature and so that flow of energy from divine to body is also important. Both disciplines acknowledge that part of humanity is extremely important for proper healing and functioning.

3. Then we also utlilise kinesiology. This is a style of kinesiology where the bodies electrical or energy system is checked by challenging a muscle. The muscle is supplied by nerves and we believe due to clinical experience meridians (magnetic field lines that run through the body). If those nerves or meridians flow is adversely affected by something then the muscle loses part of it ability to contract as efficiently as it did prior to the challenge and in that case the patient and the practitioner can perceive a change in the holding ability of that muscle under different circumstances.

So for example a muscle is tested for its contraction response by applying a small load to the muscle. Then the body or mind is challenged- either by a physical stimulation or a thought emotion or a nutrient or herb or food. Then that same muscle is straight away loaded in the same way in the same angle and then the practitioner can feel how well the muscle (thus nerve energy) responds in those two circumstances. If the muscle goes weak it means their is an electrical fault or pattern fault for that item which usually needs correcting.

Kinesiology can also be used to to find a weak meridian or organ reflex point and then see what herb or nutrient or combination of herbs nutrients will strengthen that muscle - hence strengthening the entire health.

So in kinesiology we acknowledge that the body must function in a vast array of challenges. Those challenges are emotional or physical or chemical. The system of the body should be able to function in the presence of those challenges that it must adapt to and coordinate homeostasis. SO lets say fear of dogs creates a short circuit. Or lets say a person is sensitive to gluten. Then what we do as a kinesiologist is we put the energy field of gluten against the patients energy field or we get them to merely think of a dog. We then check their muscle strength and rate of contraction. If it is the same before and after challenging the body with the thought or the chemical or the physical loading. IF there is a weakness then it is up to the practitioner to restore the normal functioning of that patients system in the presence of that load using some method that moves their body electrical system back into well being.


Sometimes though part of the issue is not just the electrical or magnetic field lines of the patient.

But the patient may have the integrity of their system- their cells may be suffering or the patient may be overly inflamed or overly acidic. So it then helps the patient to correct the diet or add nutrients or herbs or foods in a way that enhances their system that is showing to be weaker than it could be.

Finally It is recognized that the patient needs to be empowered to respond to life in a way that aids them. As such Terry teaches seminars to help the patient to help themselves and also helps the practitioner to help the patient.

In these seminars Terry teaches an array of skills. Please see the pages on the blessed horizons seminar and the balanced for health and life seminar to learn more.