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Our body can easily get inflamed by chemical exposure, emotional stress or by sprains and strains. The inflammation often  leads to a fine scar-like material forming called adhesions.


These adhesions are relentless. They tether and pull and restrict our joints and our muscles and can and do even pull our posture way out of balance. Inappropriate adhesions also limit our normal lymphatic flow and circulation causing inflammation to build up even more in that region. Therefore it is important to regularly check the structures of the body and adjust the system.

According to Chiropractic principles, having a structure that is less than ideal will effect on our nervous system functioning. The nervous system controls and coordinates all organ, glands and tissues in your body. It is also responsible for integrating normal hormonal releases and affects our emotions.

Our entire body functions like countless reflexes all stacked on top of each other.  Having a part of our body overstimulating a reflex can then lead to interfering excitability of that nervous system. It’s like having a house where the power switch board keeps cutting out because there is a faulty appliance within the house. However in the human body the faulty appliance can be a scar tissue that is pulling on a nerve or it can be an inflamed organ.

So it is imperative to routinely look at our structure and improve its functioning, and beyond that to check the organ systems and support the organs’ health. The Chiropractor does this by giving an adjustment to some joints or soft tissues in the body. This may actually include the cranial bones where abnormal input into the nervous system can occur.

It is important to realise that our body is an extremely delicate bundle of nerve reflexes that is based on a structure that can affect that nervous system and that irritations to our organs lead to interfering input into that nervous system. Therefore having a regular “tune up” is extremely important. Most people aim to have a tune up monthly. Some people actually have one weekly because they find that is what works best for them given their level of health and lifestyle. The benefit to our health and vigour is substantial and very worthwhile.

Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners used to check peoples’ body and health every few months and would treat the body before unpleasant symptoms begin to brew. The old adage a stitch in time saves nine is very true.

Acupuncture practice looks at our meridian system which is like the magnetic field lines of the human body. These human magnetic field lines also affect our health and emotions, therefore balancing them properly and periodically is also a great enhancement to our health and wellbeing. It is a real and important investment in our health.

We have noticed through our clinic that children who obtain regular care from the Chiropractor and care of their meridian system have much better health and fewer issues needing medications and also their attention and ability at school is enhanced.

When I was growing up, my father and mother would make sure all of us were treated weekly. I never went to the doctor because we never had a need. I never had any antibiotics until I was an adult in my forties.

I have six children and only one of them has ever required antibiotics (when she was 16 for School sores that was not responding to our natural remedies). So in that case because her system was clean and well-adjusted she responded fantastically to those antibiotics.

Now my clinic is always full and our days always busy - we don’t really need people to come in more regularly. However it is part of our belief and duty to educate patients fully and let them know of the importance of regular spinal adjustments to their nervous system and structure and  their meridian system via Chinese medicine. Not only that, it saves the cost and time of having to treat a problem that has already developed over a period of months or years.

I need to say that often the improvements to the human posture is dramatic and quick. The changes  astounds myself sometimes by giving the right adjustment and right remedy at the right time.


Finally just a reminder that our seminar on shedding unhealthy fat is coming up on 7th November. We have very effective and  unique tools for weight loss.  Our most important ally in unhealthy weight loss is the mind. Moving to our ideal body type is essential for long standing good health. By doing so will not only help you to feel fabulous but save people from the often terrible consequences of low quality fats stored in the body. Strokes, heart attacks and general poor quality of life can be swapped for vibrant full lives.

So just ring our clinic (02) 65839667 to book into our seminar or go to for more information.  Remember time is running out on the extra early bird discount.

Weight loss Seminar - Shedding Unhealthy Fat
 Our last seminar for Shedding unhealthy Fat- losing weight easily and with unique methods has been extremely satisfying and encouraging. So We are holding the follow up seminar in early November. Please click this link to find out the details of the seminar and be sure to get the fantastic early bird discounts.
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Unhealthy Fat Solution
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There is solid scientific evidence correlating exercise and brain health. There is also solid scientific evidence for prayer/meditation and brain health.
We also know that if we are closer to our ideal weight then our inflammation reduces greatly which helps our emotions and brain function and health.
Below we will refer to many studies showing this.
However what if we were to exercise and meditate at the same time!
At our members areas of our web site we have made available fantastic rope exercise programs that at the same time exercise the mind with prayer and meditation at the same time as strengthening the body.
At the moment we are offering a coupon which allows 70% the normal price to the members area. So join now while the coupon is active. Go to

Join up and remember to enter the coupon code


Also don't forget that we have our weight loss seminar on the 7th November- its actually a fat and fluid loss seminar. So if you want to reduce unhealthy fat and improve your health and body for summer then
Please ring our clinic to book in (02)65839667 soon to gain benefit from the early bird discounts.
So here is some information that you will find fascinating:-

Study: Tai Chi Boosts Mind and Body
This gentle martial arts practice that incorporates deep breathing and slow-motion poses is demonstrating physical and mental health benefits. It’s no surprise that tai chi practitioners enjoy greater physical endurance, improved balance, and enhanced muscle strength and flexibility. Recent research now indicates that it also strengthens the immune system and leads to better cognition, improved sleep, and
enhanced mood and well-being. In 2014, investigators found that older tai chi practitioners had increased brain connectivity in regions controlling decision-making
and attention when compared with age-matched sedentary control subjects.
Any regular cardiovascular exercise will benefit brain health, but finding a workout that you enjoy will motivate you to continue doing it.


Achieving Goals More Effectively Researchers at the University of Miami analyzed more than eight decades of research and found that prayer improves the ability to pursue and achieve long-term goals. Prayer affects regions of the brain that improve self-control, and people who view their goals as sacred put more effort and energy into attaining them.
source:Psychological Bulletin
Prayer and Living a Longer Life
Numerous studies have found that people who pray are likely to live a longer life. For example, an analysis of 42 studies with a total of more than 125,000 people found that in addition to private prayer, attending religious services, and being involved in other church activities predicted a longer and healthier lifespan.
source: Health Psychology
Many years ago, scientists demonstrated the connection between physical exercise and overall health. As a result, most of us grew up with an emphasis on physical education; people ran laps and did calisthenics because it was expected to keep our
hearts healthy and our bodies strong. In the past decade, however, major new
discoveries have shown that physical exercise not only strengthens our bodies but also protects our brains.


Over a six-month period, walkers demonstrated greater blood flow in neural circuits that control spatial ability and complex reasoning than the stretching and toning group. We experience several physiological responses to exercise. First, it releases endorphins — the natural feel-good hormone — throughout the brain. This
is the reaction that brings on a so-called “runner’s high.”
Regular exercise routines also improve blood circulation so that much-needed nutrients and oxygen can better nourish our brain cells. This increased brain blood flow stimulates new connection sites between brain cells, which make them more responsive to outside stimuli. Exercise also makes our bodies produce a
protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which heightens  connections between neurons, allowing them to communicate more effectively


15 Minutes a Day Is All it Takes
Some people claim that they simply don’t have enough time in their daily lives - that's why we developed our total body workouts that are now available in our members area combining meditation and exercise so people can commit to the kind of exercise regimen that would benefit their cardiovascular and brain health.
Harvard scientists have shown that just 15 minutes of brisk daily exercise can delay age-related mental decline and lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
In addition, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Illinois have shown that older walkers not only have better cognitive abilities but larger brains as well — and a bigger brain is a better brain.


Strength Training Boosts Brain
While most of the research connecting brain health to physical exercise has focused on cardiovascular conditioning, newer studies suggest that lifting weights or resistance training also supports better mental health. That is why we focus on increasing strength and tone in our exercise program.
Scientists in Brazil recently performed animal studies demonstrating that strength training and aerobic conditioning improve learning abilities and recall.
The animals demonstrated increased levels of BDNF, the protein that is linked to lower risk of dementia and better brain cell growth.
Other investigators in Japan corroborated these studies and showed that resistance training actually caused the animals’ DNA to produce BDNF.
These studies indicate that building muscle strength leads brain cells to perform gene expression, which is the process by which information contained within the gene is used to synthesize genetic products such as proteins.
Scientists have confirmed that strength training is good for humans as well. Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose at the University of British Columbia demonstrated
that women who lifted weights showed improved mental function when compared with control subjects.
Benefits were also shown for reasoning and attention skills, which are controlled by the frontal lobe — our “thinking brain.”


Weight loss Seminar - Shedding Unhealthy Fat
 Our last seminar for Shedding unhealthy Fat- losing weight easily and with unique methods has been extremely satisfying and encouraging. So We are holding the follow up seminar in early November. Please click this link to find out the details of the seminar and be sure to get the fantastic early bird discounts.
Click here to find out more.

Lets Tone Up and Lose Some Fat For Summer



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It can be hard to get good nutrition into fussy kids at breaky time.

We desire to have good vibrant nutrition going into the kids at what is possibly the most important meal.

So we have got something here that works.

Rather than typical breakys we alternate - one morning this transition smoothie and the next morning a healthy vegie juice with fresh coconut juice added. Here is the smoothie we make. Hope it helps you with some ideas. Yes you can always make a healthier smoothie but this one is a trade off with what actually works without a lot of torment.

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Through my practice, in order to help patients health I rely on the information gleaned from Kinesiolgy and energy medicine.

Here I have made a brief overview of that process.

Warm Regards

Terry Power

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Today I want to talk to you about a past case on leg scaly rashes and also body rashes and then in addition talk about the holistic or organ counterpart to body health and body pain.

Not all pains in our body come primarily form the area that the pain is at. Often we have to tend to remote sites of bodily health. If we tend to the body part that has the pain but also tend to the associated organ area- then that is a much better level of healing.

But first

A few newsletters ago we talked about a young 93 year old with some terrible body rashes and leg scales- She could not go to her massage for two years due to the rash.

After the first treatment we gained a 60-70% improve.

Now the lady has turned 94 years old and after three treatments and some home work that was outlined in the newsletter about this case. Now her symptoms are pretty much fixed.
She has now booked her appointment with her much enjoyed massage therapist.

Here is the photo of how the legs changed

First this is what they were like after the second treatment when they were 60-70 improved over the first treatment.


 AND this is how the legs appear now


Many people have not considered how important our organs are to our general physical body.

Let me give you some obvious examples- many women know that they can experience pain that is associated with their cycle in their lower back.They know the congestion and inflammation is in their uterus but the pain is in their back.

So it is obvious that our organs can irritate our back and not all back pain is primarily in our back.

In fact I dare to say unless we tend to also the organs and what is irritating them then usually the back and neck and indeed any part of the body will not heal properly or as quickly.

So the bowel can lead to back spasms and pain. The heart we know can refer down the arm or into the chest or up into the jaw. The kidneys can refer pain into the groin or the lower back pain referred to as the loins.

The gall bladder can refer to behind the shoulder blade or up to the top of the shoulder.

I have had patients who had a very very sore neck and shoulder and it would not fix until we finally dealt also with her inflammation around her uterus.

Many headache’s are not just from the head but are from the spine but that also can be from the liver or bowel or stomach.

Anyone with sinus or hayfever issues- then we need to address the lung or bowel health.

The ancient Chinese knew this even thousands of years ago- so if someone had mental or emotional issue they would often treat the kidney energy.

They had all sorts of correspondences between certain conditions and which organ and meridian systems to target.

I once had a patient with a frozen shoulder many many years ago before I fully understood the importance of organ health and function. This patients frozen shoulder just would not get better. Till finally she found out that they had a lung tumor. The lung problems tightened the muscles around the shoulder and caused inflammation into the shoulder- It could not get better because we were not treating the right area- we were treating the shoulder- which was only part of the problem. For me that was an extremely valuable lesson.

In fact any organ can irritate the spine. So it is important that we address the organ health as well as the spinal health for any back pain.

IN fact even things such as tennis elbow or foot problems we often have to look towards the organ and also the spine.

The way we treat the organs is through gentle organ stimulation techniques but also by treating the pressure points on the body that relates to the organs but also recommending either herbs or nutrient’s or meditations that relate to the particular issue of the organ and the related part of the spine.

The very effective way to evaluate which organs we need to tend to is with kinesiology- I will cover that in more detail in future newsletters.

Kind regards

Terry Power



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Welcome to this issue of our Health newsletter/ blog

Effect of Cocoa Flavanols on Memory Enhancement and more ..

Firstly, I would like to share with you what I consider to be an EXTREMELY important study.

Most people see the terrible effects of cognitive decline and memory failure so Lets explore some recent insights into very effective memory enhancers from quite a few different perspectives

In a recent exciting study, researchers gave flavanols in the form of cocoa to people - you see a component of cocoa has been found to reverse age-related memory loss in healthy adults aged 50-69. The rejuvenating effect can be traced to increased blood flow in a specific region of the brain, say the researchers.

This is the first direct link that age-related forgetfulness is caused by changes in a specific part of the brain. It is also the first piece of evidence that memory decline can be reversed by a change in diet.

A specially prepared cocoa drink was fed to a sample of 37 older adults daily for three months. For some, the drink contained a large quantity of flavanols, which are found naturally in cocoa, tea and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. For the others, the drink was largely free of the compound.

Tests found that those in the high-flavanol group had significantly improved memories at the end of the test than at the beginning. Brain scans showed that blood volume in a part of the brain called the dentate gyrus had also improved.

“If a participant had the memory of a typical 60-year-old at the beginning of the study, after three months that person on average had the memory of a typical 30- or 40-year old,” said Scott A Small, a professor of neurology and director of the Alzheimer’s disease Research Centre at the Taub Institute at Columbia University Medical Center.

The dentate gyrus (DG) is a region in the hippocampal formation whose function declines in association with human aging and is therefore considered to be a possible source of age-related memory decline.

“We addressed this issue by first using a high-resolution variant of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to map the precise site of age-related DG dysfunction and to develop a cognitive task whose function localized to this anatomical site. Then, in a controlled randomized trial, we applied these tools to study healthy 50–69-year-old subjects who consumed either a high or low cocoa–containing diet for 3 months.

A high-flavanol intervention was found to enhance DG function, as measured by fMRI and by cognitive testing. Our findings establish that DG dysfunction is a driver of age-related cognitive decline and suggest non-pharmacological means for its amelioration.”

Now there are oodles of recent research showing that exercise also makes drastic improvements to our memory and brain health.  These have been outlined by Professor Restak who has written more than twenty textbooks on brain function.

So please don't just rely on cocoa - but it is interesting that in this study all they did was add cocoa. It is not clear if the cocoa had extra fortification of flavanols added to it.

However what I would suggest to really make a difference to your brain and memory health and longevity, is to use cocoa - but NOT chocolate. You see the chocolate has a large amount of sugar added to it. Use the cocoa then if you need to add a bit of sweetener then use honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup. These are still sugars but they are more natural. They come more balanced with other nutrients. Don’t get me wrong we are better off without even them. However if you need to make the cocoa a bit more palatable (since cocoa is quite bitter)  then that is the best way to do it.

In addition what I have started to do is add extra flavanols in the form of pine bark. This pine bark extract is a particularly world renowned powerful antioxidant. We stock at the clinic a pine bark extract that also has within it a potent green tea extract that is just loaded with flavanols and antioxidants. Adding that to the cocoa drink is enjoyable and really good for your brain.

Then I go even a step further - I have come to greatly believe in the natural aromatherapy oils. You can add just one drop of an exquisitely prepared natural essential oil such as Frankincense, Rosemary or Peppermint. Just one drop is all you need of ONE of these. But make sure the essential oil quality is extremely good such as those from  DoTerra that we stock at our clinic or the Young Living oils as these are pure enough to take internally whereas others are not.

The single drop of oil makes the cocoa really nice but honestly I can sense or feel the effects on my brain health straight away on drinking it. The drink is delicious as well.

Please remember that what is truly good for the brain is exercise that strengthens our muscles, stretches them and adds to our tone and fitness including cardiovascular health exercises. If you don't have a program then have a look at my CMI (Continuous Multiple Isometrics) program which I developed and which I am continuing to refine and improve upon after years of application. This exercise program can be done anywhere.  This program can be learned by watching it online in our member’s area - for an inexpensive membership you can learn that plus a lot more. You can buy the DVD from our clinic or you can attend one of our Balanced For Health and Life Seminars.

In addition to this - a clear flow of energy along our meridians and also our nerve pathways is essential for brain health. In our clinic, through treatment we tend to these aspects by making sure we align the spine and also do cranial work where we release tensions in key points along the skull that affect the brain health and also affect the cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Meridian energy flow and also spinal health have important effects on the nerve functional patterns. In addition, in the clinic we use kinesiology to work out the types of irritants that exist for people’s brain and mind functioning.

I have found acupuncture to be extremely helpful to people even in quite advanced states of Alzheimer’s disease. There is a specialty focus on this in traditional Chinese Medicine.

Finally of course all parts of our body and mind needs to be USED. So utilising the memory on a daily basis is important for keeping it - the old adage "use it or lose it" usually ends up having a great truth to it.

So all in all by tending to a few basics as outlined above you are making sure that you keep the memory part of your brain in fantastic shape.

This is important - as not many things strike fear in people’s hearts more than seeing a loved one who is being rampaged by dementia.

There are simple things here that we can all do to make a true difference to how our brain works through our entire life.

Many people on the other hand have been able to keep their mind sharp as a tack till the time they have to depart our world at a very ripe old age. This is what we believe is the healthy normal. But to attain that sometimes we have to tend to basic needs of our health. Make a conscious choice to do what is good for you and enjoy the process as well as the benefits.

Yours in Vital Health


In our next newsletter I am inclined to write about some very satisfying cases - such as babies with colic and reflux who completely alleviated their symptoms and also some little girls who had nasty rashes that keep them awake at night time with the terrible itching, that with treatment using Chiropractic, Acupressure and Kinesiology they fully resolved in quite a short period of time.

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It is with pleasure that I write this next newsletter/blog about what can occur in treatment.

I want to share two cases with you. Both from different ends of ages. One a young kindy boy and one a young nearly 94 year old lady. Of course the people involved will remain nameless so that they continue to have complete privacy.

A mother had been in for treatment and as she obtained relief in what we were treating her for- that is her energy levels and bleeding noses. She felt that possibly I could also help her son who was in Kindy.

Her son was very very personable and obviously highly intelligent and energetic. He was very handsome young boy and his physique was well developed and apparently very good at sports. However his behaviour was a bit over the top at times. However we think the real reason for that was that he had aching legs- Every night he would go into the parents room- they in fact had a mattress set up beside theirs because he would get painful aching legs through the night. He would go into the parents and they would tend to his legs as best they could and then settle him in the mattress in their room.

So his sleep was being affected in fact the parents sleep was being affected as well.

There can be so many causes to this but we found their was a slight misalignment in his lower back.

But he also had sensitivity to salicylates and also alcohol! Beyond that he was sensitive to grains and nuts and an artificial sweetener. He was sensitive to eggs and also had a virus in his system and his system due to all these was running a bit acidic.

So the first treatment we focused on the worst ones which was the sensitivity to salicylates and alcohol. Now the parents of course do not give the child alcohol. However fruit sugars can ferment in our system causing a bit of alcohol to form in our digestive tract.

I expected that it may take a quite a few treatments to make a shift for the better but I knew this condition was as good as fixed. Because I have treated so many children over so many years. I just needed to do the work and get the right treatments into this wonderful boy.

The next week they came in again- behavioural issues seemed like they were totally rectified- and the aching legs- GONE. They had not had one night of aching legs and he had not gone into the parents bedroom once. Now I am a bit guarded because sometimes we can get an initial dramatic result but then the symptoms creep back in again. We will see. But for all intensive purposes I say that we have achieved the outcome that was desired.

However when I next saw the mother she said her sons legs were fabulous for over a week but had just started up a bit again. So obviously we need some more work to fully work out this issue. Which I am completely confident in. As we are still yet to treat the other sensitivities.

Our second case in this edition is a wonderful  and vibrant 93 year old just on the verge of 94 year old lady. She for the past two years was suffering with rashes and itches and terrible scales. The rash was all over her torso and face and the scales like I had never seen before were on her shins.

So when presented with something like this I go back to basics- just check what the body says. In this case the primary candidate showed again to be our friendly mites as we have discussed in a prior case. When I told her it was mites she looked astounded and said BUT I have had that checked- they did a medical test- took a scraping and there were no mites. I said to her well a scraping is only as good as the scrape sample so perhaps they missed that part that had mites and also I can only treat what I find and what shows and not what doesn’t show accroding to my energy testing/kinesiology - so I cannot prove it but lets just treat it the way your body is indicating.

As an aside this lady had stopped having massages because she felt she could not expect the massage therapist to work on her when she had this rash.

This lady had in an attempt to gain relief for these rashes prior had medical treatment naturopathic treatment Chinese herbs and she was at her wits end. She greatly respected all those practitioners its just they were not able to cinch the problem. She was driving past our clinic and the traffic ahead halted and so stopped her in front of our clinic- she read the part of the sign that said “allergies” and so made herself an appointment. She believed it was God that organised her to stop there.

So we treated her in the clinic for MITES- If you want to understand how a physical treatment of adjustments and pressure points and acupuncture can help with mites and rashes then have a read of

Anyway we treated her in the clinic however at times more than in clinic is needed. So I recommended to this lady home use of neem oil and also peppermint essential oil.

Within two weeks her legs and torso were 60-70% improved.  I will attach a photo of the improved legs. Now remember I had not taken a photo of the rash the first visit but it was totally covered. IN fact I had never seen a scaly rash like this before.I know that by continuing home treatment and also our in clinic treatment that we will have the legs totally clear of this rash.

Friends of the lady told her that she looked ten years younger. She felt so good and was so happy. I am convinced her condition will continue to improve till being completely resolved.


Blessed Horizons:--

Now also I want to draw your attention to our Blessed Horizons seminar workshop that we are holding on the 22nd November.  The last time we held this event it went over spectacularly well. Each time we give it they tend to get better and better. Because each time I get a bit closer to what people really truly need to master and how to get them to that place in the day.


If you are at all interested in kinesiology or self help of emotions and emotional blocks and also developing your intuition. Then this is the seminar for you. It is extremely cheap for what you get. Just one seminar that I used to go to used to be $1200 for a weekend a decade ago. I am taking the best of the best of decades of discovery and sharing it with you for a very good price.


I love empowering and giving at these events and it is a special day even just to spend it with people of like mind who are interested in these noble causes. The wonderful ways of thinking and being.


So I hope to see you there. If you know anyone who may be interested then if you can suggest they have a look at




Kind regards

Terry Power


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I would like to update you on a case that we have mentioned before

The case of the binge eating that was not normal for the patient but had now been going on for years.

We treated the patient for what was found on muscle testing to be parasites. We believed the parasites were “hijacking” her brain and desires. Making her urge to eating more and more carbohydrates and sugars that in fact the parasite’s want.

We treated her for parasites and also gave some herbs for them. By treating I mean that we work on her spine reflex point and acupuncture meridians to reboot her system into dealing with internal parasites better.

After the first treatment there was a significant change and then at the third treatment she reported that she only binge eats now if she is having some social alcohol which isn’t often.

I suspect that some parasites are left and that they are stirred up by the alcohol. But also of course the alcohol will reduce the resolve of the patient. In addition alcohol is a form of sugar.

We also discussed further emotion s of guilt in reference to eating like this. Not to take away the emotion but to balance her for it so that it does not throw her out more into the behaviour that she does not want. We also accepted a certain amount of binge eating under some circumstances- as long as it is more on the very occasional side. We equaled  it to having a feast as many people have had throughout societies for many reasons.

So far then we are very happy with the outcome of this patient.

Now the case of the toddler

A toddler  was brought  in with chronic constipation- quite severe where he would only have a bowel motion now every two to three weeks.  When he did have bowel motion it was very distressing because it was very painful. I have treated this before and so was quite confident of helping him. But every case is different and what we had to treat the other children for is not really what we had to treat this child for.

We muscle /energy tested what could be the problem and we came up with an allergy to eggs but in addition a sensitivity to plastics- the plastics was by far the greater reactor on muscle testing.

So I started to adjust the childs system on how it reacts to plastics. After all plastics are right through our foods and in our society.  A lot of our clothes that are synthetic are petroleum based and so are plastic like. So many foods are wrapped in plastics and stored our drinks in it and cooked in it.

IN fact even beer- recently scientists have found that out of ALL the beer tested they were ALL found to have microfibers of plastics in them.

So I suspected that this child had a sensitivity to plastics and so when they came through his system he could not adapt well and so reacted badly.

So I started to treat his spinal points and meridian acupuncture pints to help his little system adapt better and to detox the plastics in the gut.

However the mum said yes that is how it all started. I said what do you mean. She said that his bowels were normal. Until he swallowed a piece of Lego. The Lego in his system was verified by ultrasound or some sort of scan. However the toddler did eventually pass the piece of Lego. BUT the problem remained.

So we treated him for the plastics to help his body detox and bounce back. I also worked on his bowels directly through the abdominal wall and also I suggested he take some digestive enzymes.

Not how they are normally taken but to put two or three capsules- pull them apart and put them in his morning water bottle before he eats anything. Then not to eat for half an hour. The ideas is that we don’t want the enzyme’s to digest his food that he is eating. We want it to digest the build of impacted faeces in the bowel and to break down the gunk in the bowel.

Anyway after the first treatment the child went to the toilet normally four days in a row. The child the first day said to the mother- “mummy I did a poo”. But the mother did not really believe it because normally he would be in such agony that she normally would know he had a bowel motion.

But the child was not kidding and was telling the truth.

Then after the second treatment he now goes regularly every second day. Our real goal now is to get him to go at least once a day which is what we consider to be healthy. Some natural health practitioner’s even believe we should have a bowel elimination after every meal. But we are not aiming for that. We are aiming for once a day. That will be a great level for him.

This child is a treasure to treat and he enjoys our treatments on his body and spine. Because he feels the difference and can tell it is good for him but also because on the computer in the treatment room I put on YouTube and put on his favourite show.

I Hope you find these interesting

Kind regards

Terry Power

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Today's Blog is again about treatment in the clinic

These cases kind of tie together out of interesting facts

If you are not sure how the systems we use work then just go to the tab on my web site that is clinic methods at Powers’

One case is of a senior man who is extremely well mannered and charismatic.

He has suffered with eyes being red and also recently would like a long standing case of Bells palsy treated.

I have had success with this gentleman in the past where a couple of years ago we treated him for red eyes and eye lids- we treated him for the allergies that showed up through kinesiology and they settled down completely. However they recurred and so we have almost finished treating the red eyes again- we had to treat him according to kinesiology response muscle testing – we had to treat him for how his body processes sugars and honey and also red wine and some medication he takes and also some vitamins. All of which were contributing to his red eyes. He was sensitive to those items. By adjusting his nervous system and meridian system for those items his liver was more able to cope with the detoxification process and the eyes settled down.

However now he wants help with a thirty year or more case of Bells palsy. It affects the right eyelid and causes it to sag a bit. On using kinesiology it was discovered that the main factor was some heavy metals- the source of exposure was unknown – particularly cadmium and nickel.

I have successfully treated Bells palsy on quite a number of patients- the last one was a lady in her seventies. Her Doctor told her she would have it for at least six months. I gave her acupuncture but also treated her for a sensitivity to parasites and also dust. Usually with Bells palsy there is often a virus of some sort however that did not show with this lady.

We treated her and after the first treatment her mouth corner would lift when she smiled- It took us four treatments for her mouth and face to be fully recovered and her dismissed from care for that disorder.

That same lady then later on came in with terrible dizziness- Called benign positional vertigo. In Chinese medicine it was found to be due to some blood stagnation or poor circulation. We treated her for that condition. It took us six treatment for the benign positional vertigo to be completely alleviated. Prior to that she would get extremely dizzy and have to hold on if she moved her head too swiftly.

My final case I would like to share with you in this blog is a lady I saw today.

She had gone to the Philippines and while over there it was extremely hot however on the plane she came home and entered our country and found it extremely cold for her by comparison- She believed she got a chill or cold in her system. She had terrible low back pain and also pain down both legs to the heels. Her doctor sent her to Physio but she said that after four treatments that her condition was getting worse- she could not work and she was in terrible pain.

Of course we treat the physical and mechanical disorder but I find if I treat holistically then we seem to get much better results. The kinesiology found that she had a disorder in the stomach. That her system was acidic and that she was carrying a virus.

She said yes she was feeling a great deal of nausea and feeling like vomiting since this all occurred.

I treated her system for how it interacts with acidity and also the virus. After the first treatment which included Chinese cupping acupuncture and chiropractic - the patient felt much better.

It took us another three treatments before the patient was back at work. Today was her final treatment and she was 80-90 percent symptoms free and working full time again.

As an aside -

Heavy metals are an important part of our health but in excess contaminate and damage our nervous system. These heavy metals pervade our society through many ways.

A 25-foot (7.6 m) wall of heavy metal contaminated coal fly ash, resulting from the release of 5.4 million cubic yards of coal fly ash slurry into the Emory River Tennessee, and nearby land and water features, in December 2008.Testing showed significantly elevated levels of arsenic, copper, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, and thallium in samples of slurry and river water.Cleanup costs may exceed $1.2 billion.


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Binge Eating caused by parasites

There is an interesting case that outlines how interesting kinesiolgy can be and how it can help to unveil the mystery behind a health disorder.
A lady came in for treatment suffering with binge eating that she did not seem able to control.
Normally this person did not have a problem with will power. So it perplexed her that she did not seem able to withhold her behaviour.
But now it had been going on for two years and so she sought help through our methods.
Kinesiology is a method of testing the bodies electric reflex points. This is done in various ways however the basic premise is the challenge the body with something and then see how the body adapts.
A similar example would be a polygraph- lie detector test- although ti is not really detecting lies but is detecting physiological stress.
So if a subject is monitored for blood pressure heart rate and skin sweat gland activity that is by measuring skiin electrical skin resistance. As well as say pupil diameter then if the subject is asked questions then the testing on the subjects body will be able to tell when the subject enters into stress.
Likewise with kinesiology the patient is subject to different stimuli and then the electrical patterning is assessed by feeling how the muscle ( which is controlled by the nervous electrical system) responds.
So if the person is allergic to nuts and a homeopathic of nuts is brought in close to the body they the energy field of the nuts is felt by the body and it causes a difference in the rate and strength of contraction of a test muscle.
So to get into the causes of a patients binge eating we test the meridians through kinesiology and then we subject hte patient to a wide range of homeopathic s and see which ones the patient goes week to the most.eo
ON testing this patient it was found that she reacted to sodium. As if she may have a problems processing sodium properly or had a sensitivity to sodium.
However not many other sensitivities showed up in relation to her eating disorder.
Until the test homeopathic of parasites was brought in close to the body. The arm went very weak.
So how can parasites affect our binge eating. Before i explain it was not just parasites- but also the emotion of guilt showed up. Guilt is an emotion that we all experience but how we respond to it depends on our relationship with the guilt emotion. Some people are so weakened by their sense of guilt that it can be a driving factor to create behaviours that then bring up that very emotion. So the emotion is self perpetuating for the disorder.
Now onto the parasites- in order to explain we need to give you some examples in the natural kingdom.
There is a parasite that infects crickets. When the cricket gets this parasite it finds a body of water and jumps in- it drowns and the the parasite leaves the host body because the body of water is important for the life cycle of the parasite.
SO somehow the parasite has hijacked the brain or mind of the cricket.
Another example there are sea snails and when they become infected with a certain parasite their behavior changes. Rather than dwelling in the shadows and under the lower sides of rocks where the birds that eat them cannot see them. They tend to then go up to the light and even get on top of rocks where the birds can see them. The birds then eat the sea snail as the bird is an important part of the life cycle of the parasite.
Again with parasites. There is a type of parasite that infects shrimp. These particular type of shrimp normally live fairly alone. However when they become infected with the parasite they tend to aggregate together in swarms. Also their colour changes so they become a pinkish colour. So then rather than being a hard to spot solitary shrimp they then form swarms of pinkish coloured shrimp that the birds can see easily and then ingest for the benefit of the life cycle fo the parasite.
So yes our brains can be hijacked- many people are aware how candida can make us crave sugars. Somehow they also hijack our brain centres.
So it became apparent with the muscle testing that two three main factors drove this persons binge eating= the desire of the parasites for certain foods that are not really the types of the foods the woman wanted to eat. Also the relationship with guilt and also the sodium imbalance.
SO the treatment then becomes partially a physical treatment where the patients system is adjusted to help it adapt to those emotions and also to help her body adapt and deal with the parasites. Secondly the patient is recommended herbs and medicines to deal with the parasites. To kill and evict them.
Finally to help the person look at their relationship with guilt so that it goes to becoming more empowering.
See below for another article not written by myself about how also bacteria can hijack our brain and motivate us to eat and crave foods that are good for maintaining the right environment for THEIR survival.
So stay tuned for the outcome of this case.
The methods of treatment included chiropractic adjusting of the adaptive responses of the human body. As well as Chinese cupping and pressure pointing.
Kind Regards
Terry Power

Gut Feeling: How Intestinal Bacteria Could Manipulate Your Brain


The next time you can’t figure out why you’re suddenly craving a huge slab of ultra-decadent chocolate cake—consider the possibility that it’s not just you doing the craving. New research suggests that the armies of bacteria living in our guts can pull the strings in our brains to get what they want.

We’ve all heard about the bacterial universe within our bodies, but what’s less well known is just how vast this universe is in comparison to the rest of us: bacteria outnumber all of the cells in our body 100 to 1. And just like us, certain bacteria have a taste for certain nutrients, and they’ve developed ways of influencing their hosts to deliver more of their preferred vittles to the dinner table.

“Bacteria within the gut are manipulative,” said Carlo Maley, PhD, director of the UC San Fransisco Centre for Evolution and Cancer and study co-author. “There is a diversity of interests represented in the microbiome, some aligned with our own dietary goals, and others not.”

How this happens is still an unfolding story, but researchers think bacteria release chemical signals that are carried along the vagus nerve —the nervous system superhighway that runs from the digestive system all the way to the base of the brain. These signals may affect our moods and appetites, and influence us to get more of what the bacteria crave into our mouths.

“Our diets have a huge impact on microbial populations in the gut,” Maley said. “It’s a whole ecosystem, and it’s evolving on the time scale of minutes.”

A strain of bacteria found only in the guts of Japanese people, for instance, has evolved to specifically digest sweaweed, a normal part of Japanese diets. In the same way, certain bacteria subsist on fats and sugars in diets more heavily laden with those items.

It’s theorized that if bacteria want more sugar, they use a chemical carrot and stick approach; certain chemicals cause us to feel bad until we ingest the sugar, and others perk up our mood as a reward for delivering the goods.

“Microbes have the capacity to manipulate behavior and mood through altering the neural signals in the vagus nerve, changing taste receptors, producing toxins to make us feel bad, and releasing chemical rewards to make us feel good,” said study co-author Athena Aktipis, PhD.

The good news, the researchers tell us, is that we can influence changes in our gut dwellers through dietary choices.

“Because microbiota are easily manipulatable by prebiotics, probiotics, antibiotics…and dietary changes, altering our microbiota offers a tractable approach to otherwise intractable problems of obesity and unhealthy eating,” the researchers wrote.

There’s a growing base of scientific literature supporting the claim. A few case studies have shown that probiotics can decrease anxiety levels in mice, and last year researchers from UC Los Angeles published results showing that the brains of people ingesting a probiotic for four weeks had less activity in brain areas associated with excessive anxiety. It’s theorized that the probiotic altered the bacterial landscape in the gut, with the effect of changing chemical signals sent to the brain.

This is, of course, just the beginning of a lengthy investigation into the relationship between our intestinal microbiota and the brain, but so far it seems quite plausible that not all of our appetites are our own.

David Di Salvo

The study was published in the journal BioEssays.

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