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Ropes for Isometrics stretches

Common price: AUD25.00 Our price: AUD20.00 each


These ropes are used in the system of isometrics (continuous multiple Isometrics) that Terry Power devised as well as aerobic exercises and rehabilitation motions for the spine and body. These ropes are also used for stretches in the stretching system that Terry Power Devised.

They are 100% Natural Sisal Ropes that are three meters in length giving you the opportunity to do a wide range of rehabilitative and developmental stretches and exercises.

This is a portable complete exercise equipment - the only thing you need for Strength toning aerobic and anaerobic and also for spine remodeling work.

They are also the tool in continuous Multiple Isometrics to enhance the health and heal health issues with that system of exercises.

Natural fibres are far superior to synthetic petroleum/plastic  based ropes especially for personal exercise and health regimes.


Cost includes Australia wide Postage- for overseas please check with us with your address so we can see if any extra is required.