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Blessed Horizons Seminar

Welcome to the Blessed Horizons Seminar


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AUD119.00 each Blessed Horizons Seminar Saturday 28th November Port Macquarie

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In this seminar we help you to learn to navigate which road to take in life by using your intuition.

At Blessed Horizons we believe strongly in the use of our mental judgment based on valid information that is at hand. However many many times in life all the variables are impossible to know. We rarely have full information on any decision making process and if we do have enough information we can be bogged in all the data. Here just like our highly successful ancestors we need to learn to use our inspired intuition. But not many people have learned techniques on how to do that. Here we teach you. Click here for Testimonials

There are so many direction and paths to take every single day- many of them we choose based on our old habits and often by our unconscious programming.

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But when we step back and look at our choices in life- we can help ourselves to step up to a better path a better vision of the future is often within our grasp if only we learn to use our intuition.

Our analytical critical brain is important- we don't deny that and in fact support that fully. But it does not compare to the GENIUS that resides within your own intuition. When we rock back and forwards between our logical brain and our intuitive mind we gain something substantial. It is truly exciting. Life turns in directions that it is supposed to.

We gain fulfillment and meaning. Life becomes exciting- but how do we do this?

Let me introduce myself- My name is Terry Power- I am a Chiropractor Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist.

Like many of you i have had life dreams and romance notions to do with what i want to do and where i want to go and how to go about that.

However it was not until i learned a few simple processes of tapping into my unconscious wisdom that things became clearer- my purpose actually had purpose and the meaning of life was so much deeper.  I learned where to spend my time and efforts in order to signify something important. And you know what when we signify something that we are meant to- suddenly without even trying we become significant.

So how did I learn this- Firstly i was interested in health and helping people to regain health and function in their lives- i applied principles of Chiropractic and Acupuncture and exerxcise and nutrition and herbs to help people to do this. However when is the right herb to use decided upon- when is the right time to exercise chosen and when is the right sequence of adjusting or needling truly appropriate- which ones will matter- which ones will gain for the patient. I learned that energy medicine helped me to decide these answers and guess what- my results in clinic unlocked to another level. That to me was exciting. So i use these tools to answer these questions. Yes of course we still use the known wisdom however that rarely helps you choose between two or more different paths or choices that academically in theory all fit the bill however on checking with energy medicine and inspired intuition the choice is narrowed down.

Then it dawned on me- we can use this in not only health matters but for any matter. You can use this information for where to invest your time and energy and money. We can use this information to help to connect better to your kids and wife and loved ones. You can build better relationships or you can let some of them take the shape that you have no control over. This is the help of your intuitive side.

No it does NOT make you a sudden expert on everything and often we still ask experts. However at the end of the day the direction you take is your choice and you are the one who will gain or lose. So it is your responsibility. So why not learn tools that help you tap into that incredible resource you have on hand.

There is an entire philosophy on how to go about this- I have taught energy medicine to health professionals or many years- Chiropractors Osteopaths, acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Medical Doctors even specialists, i have taught a heart surgeon from Turkey who traveled to NSW to learn this energy medicine.

But i wanted to teach a wider group- why should not you learn to apply these methods in your field of life. In your relationships. IN your money matters and in your health. This is truly exciting work.

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So in the blessed Horizons seminar we teach and explain energy medicine but applied to your life. We show you what we are actually doing and then the techniques and strategies that you can select from to gain deep insight into the task at hand.

Many people of great impact in our society have been people who have tapped into this genius. Did you know you have that same genius within you. NO i am not talking about IQ. That's not it at all. it is a deeper wisdom i am referring to and we ALL have it. You have it in abundance. You just have not been taught how to access it and use it. So that is my purpose to show you many ways. They are not the only ways by the way- but they work well for me and the people i help. So Come long and learn some exciting tools. But we warned - when you come along to our seminar and if you do in fact practice these tools and use them- your life is going to change for the better. You will be taking the higher road to every facet of your life and you will KNOW the true art of being guided from within.

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