CMI With Virtues Mindfulness Exercises


 When Exercising and meditating at the same time- it is worthwhile to focus on a character trait or what is called a virtue.

These virtues began with Benjamin Franklin- He would meditate or ruminate on different characters or virtues to develop that trait withint himself and apply it in his life.

However Benjamin Franklin is a household name and was a very industrious person.

There are other virtures that are also important to develop. So to develop them I have outlined what I believe are 55 important relationshiop virties.

So whil you exercise you can medtate and viusalise those virtues operating in your life- how they occur from other people towards you and vice versa.

So to give you an example if we meditate on the virtue of respect- we can meditate and visualise whilst exercising that character trait coming towards us that is being given respect- then how we show respect to others- then we can also exercise in our minds eye that character trait ourselves using that trait in the environemnt of lack of respect towards us- so here our own emoiton is not determined by our environement but we exercise the trait that is good for our own heart no matter what the conduct of other people is like.

So here are the character traits below and then below that are the exercises.

13 Traits/ Virtues

1.Temperance- timing

2. Order

3.Resolution – smaller parts

4. Frugality- make count

5. Moderation

6. Industry- greater structure or form.

7. Cleanliness

8. Tranquillity: harmony and rest.

9. Silence

10. Sincerity - In truth

11. Justice

12. Chastity: appropriate relations

13. Humility- perspire

55 Relationship Virtues

1   Respect "look back at.

2. Rapport -"bring back,"

3. Love - patient, kind. not envy, not boast, not proud not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, no record of wrongs. rejoices with the truth always protects+ trusts +hopes + perseveres. 1 Corinth 13:4-7

4. Joy

5. Peace is harmonious relations

6. Patience - good-natured tolerance

7. Kindness - warm-hearted

8. Valuable -be strong, be well, be worth, have power, be able,"

9. Faithfulness - true to ideal relationship.

10. Gentleness –can be handled.

11. Self-Control

12. Hopefulness - happy anticipation of something good.

13. Forgiveness - Give-ness in the for.

14. Selflessness - success of the joint activity.

15. Fairness – viewpoint of each person

16. Grace - The free and unmerited favour

17. Mercy - alleviation of distress

18. Compassion - another’s suffering/state

19. Empathy - understanding of another’s feelings

20. Wisdom - utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight

21. Understanding - To stand under

22. Discernment - to separate, set apart

23. Encouragement -inspires confidence

24. Faith - trust and loyalty to God.

25. Caring - warmth or affection.

26. Generosity - noble birth- sense of "unselfish"

27. Humility -humid moist sweat.

28. Honesty -honour received from others; reputation

29. Sincerity - truthful

30. Integrity - moral or artistic values

31. Consideration - careful thought "to observe the stars

32. Impartiality - freedom from bias

33. Gratitude - "thankful, pleasing"

34. Contentment -evolved through "contained," "restrained," to "satisfied

35. Acceptance -take or receive willingly

36. Helpfulness - useful assistance

37. Friendliness - goodwill

38. Modesty "freedom from exaggeration, self-control

39. Honour is show respect towards, protecting or having a good name.

40. Purity

41. Righteousness - right path

42. Sacrifice –sacred - exchange

43. Loyalty -"loyal, faithful, honest, true,“.

44. Hospitality - welcoming guests or strangers

45. Courtesy - "expression of respect,"

46. Cooperation - joint operation

47.Service -assistance, - originally "be a slave,"

48. Guidance - "show the way“.

49. Perseverance - persisting or persevering with strict discipline

50. Endurance -withstanding hardship

51. Courage - "heart, inner strength

52. Diligence - persevering determination degree of care love

53. Meekness - "tameness, mildness, gentleness

54. Purposefulness - definite purpose- put forth

55. Foresight